How to Become A Billionaire- The Billion Dollar Practice

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How to Become A Billionaire- The Billion Dollar Practice

how to become a billionaire

There are only 2755 billionaires all over the world. How would it feel for you to be the next one or one of them in the future?

I know, it sounds too cheesy and too good to be true if someone says there is a simple process using which you can become a billionaire. 

Because being a millionaire is already tough enough, let alone being a billionaire, right? Well, if you think like that, then it’s already impossible for you.

But if you’re someone crazy enough to think and truly believe that you can become a billionaire, and it is one of your goals to be one, then we have something special for you today. 

In this blog, world-renowned authors Bob Proctor and Peggy McColl are going to tell you how to become a billionaire using the Law of Attraction the right way. 

So, if you’re ready to feature on the billionaire list of the future, then read further to learn how to become a billionaire using a simple billion-dollar practice. 

How To Become A Billionaire

The first thing you need to do, according to Peggy, is simply realize that there is no difference between a billion, a million, and one hundred thousand dollars when it comes to manifesting. 

What that means is you would follow the same steps as you would have had, had you wanted to make just a thousand or hundred thousand dollars. The only difference, however, is that you have to decide that you want to make a billion. 

Write it down on the paper in the present tense, “I’m so happy and grateful now that I am a billionaire.” and commit to it and act and feel like you’re already a billionaire. Yes, the process is that simple, and it has the potential to make you a billionaire.

Again, sounds too good to be true? Because if it’s that simple, then why don’t you see a bunch of billionaires every day roaming around on the street, you may ask. 

Well, that’s because the challenge isn’t following the process- that is something anybody can do. The challenge is changing your paradigm and bringing that conviction. 

Our paradigm is how we see the world and our beliefs about it. Here’s an example, if I say I know how to become a billionaire and I can teach you, what did you think first? 

Is this a scam? Is this guy dumb? How can I be a billionaire? Why don’t you first become a billionaire yourself? Basically, you thought everything why this can’t be true. But not a single thought about HOW it can be true. 

This is the paradigm most people have and the reason why 99% of them will never succeed without shifting their paradigm. 

You can change your paradigm by impressing new ideas into your subconscious mind through spaced time repetition, but that is beyond the scope of this blog.

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The Most Important Thing in Manifestation 

If the desire is to be a billionaire, then you’ve got to think and act like a billionaire continually throughout the day, every single day. Not just once in a while or for five minutes with your eyes closed in the morning.

It should be something that you truly believe in, even when you’re going through the toughest of times. 

What a lot of people do is they do their gratitude every morning, they do visualization, affirmations, mirror work, and everything that they do. Pat themselves on the back, and then go back to usual life. 

The very next second after visualizing themselves as a billionaire, they start getting uptight about the bills that are coming in, or they have a dialogue with their friend talking about what’s wrong with life. 

They basically want to trick their subconscious mind into believing in their dreams when they themself lack that conviction. 

Ernest Holmes, in his book This Thing Called You, said that “it makes little to no difference what method you use provided you have conviction.”

Some will tell you that you should affirm the divine presence denying all else, while others may tell you that all you need to do is ask and believe.

They’re all right because any method that leads to conviction will produce results. The reason why you don’t see a bunch of billionaires roaming around the street is they all lack conviction. 

Ask yourself, what was your response when told that you can learn how to become a billionaire, you also probably lacked conviction that it is ever possible for you.

The Billion Dollar Practice

The trick, according to Bob Proctor, is to sit down, decide what it is that you wanna accomplish, what kind of a person do you want to be, and then write it down on a piece of paper in the present tense that you’re happy and grateful now that you’ve become that person. 

All you have to do next is act like the person whose description you just wrote down. A great book to read to learn this is The Art of Acting by Stella Adler. Stella Adler was one of the greatest method acting teachers and the instructor of many Hollywood legends.

When you act like the person you want to be, you shouldn’t give a damn what others think of you because it’s only what you think that matters. You become what you think about. 

You gotta walk like that person, talk like that person, think like that person, and all the rewards that will come to you are as a result of holding that image. That’s all The Billion Dollar Practice is about.

Now, it’s crucial to not forget your goal and go back to your current character every now and then. That’s why Bob himself, and recommends you too, always keep a goal card with yourself.

The goal card is basically a piece of paper with your goal written on it, which you always keep in your pocket. 

When Bob started keeping this card in 1969, he wrote on the card that he’d have $25,000 in his possessions by new year’s day of 1970.

He was always broke and never had a half-decent job before, but within one year of keeping that card, he was making $175,000 a year.

Why A Goal Card Is Important 

The reason why a goal card works and why it is so important to write what you want in the present tense and keep it with yourself is;

All of the other little creatures on the planet are completely at home in their environment. They blend in. Like the birds in the trees, or the squirrel running across the lawn, they blend in and they operate by instinct, which is perfect.

We, humans, are the only creatures in the world that are totally disoriented in their environment, and that is because we’ve been given the mental faculties to create our own environment.

When you write your goals, you create an image in your mind. Writing causes you to think in pictures, and those pictures are tucked into a group of cells in your brain.

Every time you put your hand in your purse or your pocket and touch the goal card, your sensory factor is affected, and a light message goes screaming through your central nervous system and activates the cells in your brain that have been impregnated with the image of your goal. 

So your goal and the person you want to become are always on the top of your mind. And you become what you think about predominantly. 

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