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Thank you.

Normally I post a Q&A segment on Fridays. Today however, I thought to give back to our amazing community in a different way.

It has been 5 years since I found out about the lack of education and equality in the field of forex trading. It was around this time 5 years ago when I started working in a large FX corporation that made trading sound so confusing and took profit when retail traders lost money. Being a trader who wasn’t academically trained in finance, I didn’t see the need of using “smart” words to actually make profit. I saw over and over again that there are two types of people in the retail industry:

1- People who got scared by the terminology and ran the other direction
2- People who jumped in, to “outsmart” the market and got burned

And then there was a third group. the 5% who actually made money in forex. This was ironic, because the forex market is the world’s largest market with over $5 trillion transactions per day. Then why do only a mere 5% actually profit from this humongous market?

After digging into the problem and doing some research, I discovered where the problem lies: lack of straightforward education. Instead of really getting to the point of how to make profit, most reporters on financial channels simply state what is happening or happened in the markets. The delayed noise can only make traders confused, greedy, scared and all the other destructive adjectives that make the recipe for failure. That also explained why there are so few women in the industry. Women by nature are more risk averse and experience more emotions during the day comparing to their male counterparts. Who would want to add the stress of trading to all the other daily ups and downs?

To me, trading had always been a joyful thing: Do the analysis, settle in for the long ride and enjoy the gradual profit. After all, the whole purpose of even “making money” is to feel happy and more fulfilled in life. And that is when I decided it is time to share the truth. I left the corporate world and invested my time in making straightforward and fun forex education videos.

I figured, if my viewers can have fun learning, and see the joyful outcome in flesh (as appose to the stressed, serious looking floor trader yelling at the camera on CNBC) I could empower more people to grow their money the right way. I got laughed at numerous times. Got told that I should stop being silly and get a real job. And that no one will ever take me seriously.

It has been 5 years since. While the challenges of being a (happy) woman in the field of the male dominated finance still continues, I am so grateful, encouraged and happy to say that I have developed an amazing community of traders. And so, I waned to say thank you.

Thank you for being in our mailing list. Thank you for reading. Thank you for your beautiful comments, tweets, phone calls and replies everyday. And thank you for being open to giving “happy trading” a chance.

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