91% off Total – Learn to Trade and Make Serious Bank

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91% off Total – Learn to Trade and Make Serious Bank

It is not a secret anymore. Super achievers know you can’t create wealth simply by saving or working a 9 – 5 job. You’ve got to put that money to work and let it flourish.

Rule #1: Make Money
Rule #2: Have Your Money Make Money
Rule #3: Repeat

Of course it won’t happen over night and you need to get educated first. So here I am, offering you help to achieve your first step. Due to popular demand I’ve extended the 4th of July discount.

Basically what you are now getting is 30% off the already 87% discounted original prices. So:

Video course:(Originally $456) Now $59 –> $41 (Total 91% off)

Private lesson:(Originally $1,530) Now $199–> $139.3 (Total 91% off)

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And… here is a treat for your eye to compliment the July 4th discount. The picture is from back in the day when I had just started trading forex in Japan… and yes, the Japanese really know how to do fireworks 🙂



july 4th