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Why Invest Diva?

Quality Contents

Award-winning market research videos, education program and webinars.


Presented by internationally recognized market analyst Kiana Danial, who knows exactly how to jazz-up financial material that can otherwise sound boring to an average viewer.


Full package covering everything you need for your content marketing, from education for newbies to technical market analysis for experienced traders.


Delivering the technical topics in a personable language for an average newbie prospect who is not familiar with financial terminology, which helps you convert your audience into traders.

To the Point

No jibber-jabber or BS. Compiling the most valuable information in short and engaging videos.


Nothing engages the audience and makes them return than humor. We make sure that our professionally done videos contain enough entertainment to spice-up the technical contents which makes the viewers crave for more.

From Real Traders

Kiana is not just a pretty face and not just an educator. She is a real trader with real experience in the industry which helps her connect with your audience on a much deeper level.


Invest Diva prides herself in being a neutral educator who avoids making commission-based profit from any brokers.


Building an in-house media team could cost a fortune for financial companies; From production studio, makeup and talent, to writing the content. At Invest Diva we have built a strong team that covers all your outsourcing needs at an exceptional price.


Videos are proven to have better performance than articles in terms of views & conversions.

Time-Tested Methods

Our analysis is backed by time-tested methods. Our chartist and mathematical approaches match requirements of various investment styles, from intraday trading to long term investments.


The Invest Diva brand-name is positioned in the financial industry as an unbiased content provider backed by McGraw-Hill Professional.

Technical Analysis

Our trading positions are confirmed by different techniques including, but not limited to, chart patterns, Elliot Waves, Fibonacci retracement, Support & Resistances, Candlestick formations, trendlines, channels, wedges, triangles, and indicators such as Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, Bollinger Bands and RSI.


Our videos are produced at top-level studios in NYC and edited by experienced professionals.

From NYC

From NYC
Get your audience excited by your very own white-label videos from the city that loves to trade and the financial heart of the globe.

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