Minor Currency Pairs Party

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Minor Currency Pairs Party

In the previous Coffee Break, we talked about how currencies of seven countries paired up with Ms. USA and together with her, each became a major pair. One day the currencies of these seven major countries realized that they are fed up with Ms. USA. They were actually kind of jealous of her because she was dancing with all the other currencies, not letting other currencies to get to know each other. So the currencies from Europe, Japan, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia and Canada decided to each throw a party of their own, and to invite all the other major currencies but the US dollar to come and dance with them.However, they were told by the Organization of Currency Pair Parties (OCPP)* that by doing this, the pairs dancing in their parties will no longer be called Major Currency Pairs. They didn’t care. After a lot of negotiation, their name was decided:

Minor Currency Pairs

They are also called the “Major Cross-Currency Pairs,” but to be honest with you I think this second name was only given to them so that they don’t feel discriminated against the US dollar.

*This organization is not real

The Organization of Currency Pair Parties created new rooms, and in each room one of the major currencies threw a party. Each room got its very own name too. The party hosted by the European currency is called the “Euro Crosses Party” for example.  As you can see in the list below, Ms. Euro bonds with other major currencies like Swiss Franc, British Pound and Canadian Dollar.

Euro Crosses

Currency Pair FX Nickname Symbol
Ms. Euro & Mr. Switzerland Euro Swissy EUR/CHF
Ms. Euro & Mr. UK Euro Pound EUR/GBP
Ms. Euro & Mr. Canada Euro Loonie EUR/CAD
Ms. Euro & Mr. Australia Euro Aussie EUR/AUD
Ms. Euro & Mr. New Zealand Euro Kiwi EUR/NZD
Ms. Euro & Mr. Japan Euro Yen EUR/JPY

Japan crosses party…

Currency Pair FX Nickname Symbol
Mr. Europe & Ms. Japan “euro yen” or “yuppy” EUR/JPY
Mr. UK & Ms. Japan “pound yen” or “guppy” GBP/JPY
Mr. Switzerland & Ms. Japan “swissy yen” CHF/JPY
Mr. Canada & Ms. Japan “loonie yen” CAD/JPY
Mr. Australia & Ms. Japan “aussie yen” AUD/JPY
Mr. New Zealand & Ms. Japan “kiwi yen” NZD/JPY

Pound crosses party….

Currency Pair FX Nickname Symbol
Ms. UK & Mr. Switzerland Pound Swissy GBP/CHF
Ms. UK & Mr. Japan  Pound Yen GBP/JPY
Ms. UK & Mr. Europe Pound Euro GBP/EUR
Ms. UK & Mr. Canada Pound Loonie GBP/CAD
Ms. UK & Mr. Australia Pound Aussie GBP/AUD
Ms. UK & Mr. New Zealand Pound Kiwi GBP/NZD

Finally the very open-minded and international currencies decided to throw a random party where no matter where they are from and what their gender is, they can just join and enjoy pairing up with whoever they feel like. The list below is a sample of currency pairs in the Random Minor Currency Party. I bet Pitt Bull and Chris Brown were inspired to write their famous song “International Love” after attending this party.

Random Minor Currency Party…

Currency Pair FX Nickname Symbol
Ms. Australia & Mr. Switzerland Aussie Swissy AUD/CHF
Mr. New Zealand & Ms. Canada Kiwi Loonie NZD/CAD
Mr. Europe &Ms. Japan Euro Yen EUR/JPY
Ms. UK & Mr. Australia Pound Aussie GBP/AUD
Ms. Switzerland & Mr. Canada Swissy Loonie CHF/CAD
Mr. Australia & Ms. New Zealand Aussie Kiwi AUD/NZD

These parties can now be found at almost any currency trading platform.