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“a must-read for any trader looking to make better, faster trading decisions.” – Rob Booker
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Guide to Making Money in Forex

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7 Secrets to Trading Success

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Mission of the Invest Diva's Books

Help traders invest the right way

The first Invest Diva book was published in 2013 by McGraw-Hill. With this incredible new step-by-step guide, investing pro and TV personality Kiana Danial shows you exactly how to understand and take advantage of foreign currency trading.


Invest Diva's Book: Guide to Making Money in Forex published by McGraw-Hill

Empower and Educate Women to Grow Their Wealth by Investing Like an Invest Diva

What the Boys of Wall Street don't want you to know ...

After years of studying the principles of the foreign currency exchange market, Kiana Danial gets to the bottom of today’s most curious investment phenomenon: Why are women suddenly making a fortune trading currencies? How can everyone make money in forex? How to outsmart brokers who make money when you lose money?
The answer is inside this book. Along with a roadmap designed to show you how and why forex can work for you.

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