Investment Education Courses Stamford CT

Investment Education Courses Stamford CT

Invest Diva’s mission with Investment Education Courses Stamford CT is to provide investment education courses for women, beginners and experts alike. Because you deserve learn how to grow your wealth on your own. Through series of easy to understand and fun material, Invest Diva has helped hundreds of students around the world. They have since been able to grow their wealth by trading, managing their own investment portfolio and financial health.

Kiana Danial, founder of Invest Diva left her job on Wall Street early on. Because after only a year working at a brokerage firm, she realized the need for Investment Education Courses Stamford CT and material for retail investors. Many brokers make money when their clients make losing trades. Therefor the brokers  sometime misguide their clients by publishing manipulative newsletters or even free investment education courses. The content are nothing but a sham to get retail traders into losing more money.

Being a humanitarian and a philanthropist, Kiana couldn’t accept what she observed. So she went on her own to launch Investment Education Courses Stamford CT which solely provide education — and nothing else.

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Easy Investment Education Courses Stamford CT

The first step for Kiana was to create Investment Education Courses Stamford CT in plain English. Bringing her knowledge from Wall Street online, so everyone could fully understand what was said about the markets. She found that many investment advisers including those on TV use a particular language to make them sound smart. However a beginner investor would get a headache just listening to them. By designing the easy-to-comprehend Investment Education Courses Stamford CT for beginners, Kiana has helped hundreds of professionals in fields other than finance to grow their wealth by managing their own money.

Not Money Managers – Purely Investment Education Courses Stamford CT

Invest Diva is passionate about education and helping individuals manage their own money. Being a victim of a ponzy-scheme, Kiana lost around $100,000 to a scam money manager in her early twenties. That is when she decided to get educated in this field and manage her own money. After her success, she decided to leave her electrical engineering field and help others manage their own money successfully as well — all via her Investment Education Courses Stamford CT.


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