Equal Opportunity for Bulls & Bears

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Equal Opportunity for Bulls & Bears

Have you heard of equal opportunity employers? The forex market is something like that. Its an “equal opportunity market” For both Bears And Bulls.The bears and bulls basically fight everyday in the financial markets to see which one wins during the trading day. On Wall Street, they ONLY favor the bulls and that’s why we have a statue of a bull in the financial district in New York. This is such a discrimination against bears.But the forex market is fair.

The bulls are the ones who make money when the stock markets go up. The bears are considered the pessimistic investors and if they don’t get out of the market in time, they are going to lose money.

In the Forex markets, the pretty bears can also be the winners! That’s because in the forex market, trading opportunities exist regardless of the market movement. You can be short or long and still have equal potential for profit and risk. To sum it up, there is no shame in short selling.

By the way for those of you who don’t know what the terms “short” and “long” mean in trading, please save me the explanation and just search it on Google. Then come back to hear the advantage number four in trading forex comparing to trading stocks.