11 Reasons Why Forex Traders Lose Money

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11 Reasons Why Forex Traders Lose Money

Besides the new traders who experience beginners’ luck, many new forex traders lose money. When you go to a party, you sure want to do it in style, and would prefer not to appear as a loser.

Here are some “loser” factors at a forex party:

  1.  You don’t treat forex trading as an investment
  2.  You think trading forex is a get-rich-quick solution
  3.  You don’t understand the risks of forex trading
  4.  You get emotional about your losses, and just to prove that you are not a loser, get into another wrong trade
  5.  You only listen to the news when making a trading decision
  6.  You only follow your heart and intuition
  7.  You only do technical analysis
  8.  You only follow the market sentiment
  9.  You combine only two or three of the factors above
  10.  You get overly excited about your wins, think you are the Nostradamus of forex and place a foolish trade
  11.  You are not educated to trade forex

One of the main arguments against forex is that “it’s too risky.” Well, that is true, but so are all the other investment and trading instruments. While trading currencies off a platform can be very easy, you need to learn and be educated on how to read the market, how to place safe trades and how to manage your risk. That is why at InvestDiva.com we have created the easiest and most entertaining forex education videos that you can watch during your coffee breaks, and learn all about how to invest safely in the forex market