Kiana was born in Iran and was raised in a Jewish family, where she lived until she was 18.

After high school, the Japanese government awarded Kiana a scholarship to study Electrical Engineering in Japan. She lived in Japan for seven years.

Kiana did many things in Japan while studying: modeling, TV shows and teaching English.

She made many Japanese friends, and often talked to her Japanese mom who was an FX trader.

At the time of the 2008 market crash, Kiana’s Japanese mom helped her open a forex account, exchanging her Yen for the falling US dollar. She made 1000,000 yen in one month and was very excited.

Then Kiana met a money manager who told her: “I’ll do the trading for you, so why don’t you give me your money?”

Kiana said yes, and before she knew it the money manager lost her 10,000,000 yen.

She was very upset that she had made an uneducated investment decision.

In 2010, Kiana decided to move to New York to learn more about trading.

That’s when she discovered that almost 98% of traders are men, and most of them lose money.

Where is the education? Where are the female traders?

Finally Kiana decided to take matters into her own hands.

She founded Invest Diva to teach beginners, men and women alike, to make money in the largest market in the world, the right way.